Monday, February 11, 2008

Lesson 3 - Reds

Red can give artists problems because you have to use so much paint to get an intense hue. A full strength red may seem dark because of all the paint you use, but it is only a mid value if you reproduce it in a gray scale. Here are some red papers and their corresponding gray values.

In this lesson we first made a collage using pages torn out of magazines. These were small because it was hard to find a lot of any one color. (This one is roughly 4" x 4".)

One of the problems of working in working in watercolor is that you begin with a lot of white paper and are often judging colors against white. By experimenting with collage it is easy to play with color against color.

Next the challenge is to copy the collage colors in a painting. This is the painting I did from the collage ( it's about 10"x10"). And here are some other artist's paintings based on their collages.

Joan used bright reds against neutrals and her painting has a real feeling of depth .

Bev's painting has a range of warm to cool red hues with blue accents.

Jan used more muted tones and played red against its complement, green. She created a wonderful feeling of movement.

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