Friday, March 28, 2008

Lesson 8 - Lifting Out Waves

Paintings can be worked up in watercolor by lifting out paint as well as by applying paint directly. This can create some wonderful water effects. In this demonstration I covered the paper with yellow, green and blue paint. While the paint was still wet I pressed in a crumbled paper towel to create the central white blob. I dragged a clean, damp brush to lift out the lower curvy lines and I splashed in drops of water in the upper right.

Next I added some rocks and refined it a bit with glazes to create a crashing wave scene.

Here are some other artists' paintings from the workshop.

Carol got a great feeling of movement depicting a side view of a wave cresting.

By keeping the left edge of the rock light, Jean created a feeling of spray obscuring the rock.

Jessalyn got some wonderful splatters and drips to create a rich foam texture.

Joan was able to lift out some very realistic foreground foam areas.

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