Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lesson13 - Transparent Glass

The problem for this lesson was to paint a transparent glass container with a flower against a white background. There were three steps involved. To make the glass look shiny you must find a few highlights which will be the only pure white paper showing. Everything else, even the 'white background' must be shaded a bit so the highlights appear white. Next, look carefully at what happens to the stem as it hits the surface of the water and as it is seen below water level. And finally, look for abstract darker shapes within the glass, particularly watch what happens near the glass edges. I find this type of painting and careful observation very relaxing.

Barbara painted a very believable transparent glass with a minimum of shapes.

Bev found some wonderful dark shapes along the sides of her container.

Catalina saw the yellow-green of the leaves in the water shapes.

Jean darkened the background enough to make the entire vase look shiny.

Nancy used a variety of light colors to shade her 'white' background.

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