Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lesson 20 Fall Foliage

Oh dear, it looks like it's been a couple months since I last published a post. I have been doing LOTS of painting but have not conducted any classes so got out of the rhythm of updating the blog. So, here goes. This is the first lesson in a while so we just had fun playing with fall colors laid on wet paper. We put down two layers of wet-in-wet washes. The idea was to create different size foliage shapes and then, after the paper was dry, to add a few branch details with line work.

Jean's first wast with the purples and blues shows through her foliage shapes.

Carol added quite a few trees and a road to create a landscape.

Alice found a nice rhythm with the placement of the vertical trunks.

Rita created a focal area with detail, splatter and line work.

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