Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lesson 27 - Color Preferences

Do you prefer warm colors? Cool colors? Bright or greyed colors? This lesson is designed to help you understand your color preferences. We began by dividing a 3" square into 5 unequal sections and filling it in with pleasing color combinations. Next we expanded on this idea by dividing a sheet of watercolor paper into quarters, drawing in simple produce shapes and making color choices as we filled in the shapes.

Joanne used bright colors and played with patterns.

Christine used variations of a secondary triad, orange, violet and green.

Carol used softer, greyed colors.

Alice worked with warm, analogous colors with blue accents.

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Elaine Frenett said...

Hi Floy - must be the same waves in the cosmic atmosphere ... when I read your recent class on 'choosing favorite colors', I smiled. I'd just last night written down the idea that came to me for my Retreat, have participants sketch the same subject with color variation! Love what your students have done. Keep up the great teaching!