Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lesson 31 Drapery Folds

Cloth folds can be difficult of paint and, when poorly done, can ruin a still life painting. In this lesson we focused in on fold anatomy. The trick is to treat each fold individually and keep in mind that each change in direction, from horizontal to vertical for example, will need to be shown with a change in value. First we practiced making a graded wash to depict one fold and then set up a simple still life on folded fabric.

This is Ali's study of one fold. The stripe also helps to define the contours of the cloth.

Kazuyo buried her lemons in a crumpled white towel. It is an interesting problem to show folds on white fabric and still have it look white.

Sue set up a complicated fold arrangement in the lower part of her composition. The angular folds mimic the angular design on the bottle.

Bev worked with a darker piece of fabric. I like the way the fabric seems to recede into the distance in this painting.

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