Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lesson 36 - Light and Shadow on Buildings

Light and shadow shapes on buildings make a great tool in composing a design. For this exercise we put tracing paper over a photo of a sunlit building and traced out a pathway of light (sunlit shapes) or dark (shadow shapes). Tracing paper obscures details in the photo making it easier to see how value areas combine to make new, more interesting shapes which can lead the eye through a painting.

Carla created a light area along the roof which joins the lighter grid trim which, in turn creates a pathway through the painting.

The roof trim in Nancy's painting also connects to the light sky and the white in the foreground. The subtle, angled shadows make a nice contrast to the vertical - horizontal lines of the building.

Lois used dark shapes to organize her design. Here, the green shadows tie in with the green roofs and bushes.

Emily created a wonderful abstract dark design against a white background. Notice how the light and dark shapes are interconnected and how positive horizontal shapes in the upper portion are repeated as negative shapes for the tables.

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