Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lesson 37 Experimenting with Liquid Mask

For this exercise we started with a wet-in-wet underpainting and dribbled in liquid mask while the paper was still damp.

After the paper dried and we removed the mask we had white, highlight areas with soft edges. Next we painted around flower shapes keeping the white areas to create a feeling of sparkling sunlit petals.

Rita created daffodil shapes over the abstract underpainting. I like the way the blossoms dissolve into the background.

Teresa worked with calla lilies and the white areas create interesting abstract patterns on the flower shapes.

Nancy's painting has a feeling of depth. She used a series of glazes to create background blossoms.

Carrie's dribbles became the centers of her blossoms leading her to create a garden of stylized flower shapes.


Barb Hartsook said...

I love the depth your students have achieved with their negative glazes. I think the use of mask adds greatly to that feeling. They are all lovely! If I lived in northern California, I'd come see you! :)

Viewpoints Gallery said...

I appreciate your comments and it's nice to know others are checking out the blog - Floyh