Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lesson 44 Flat and Graded Washes

One of the first lessons in a beginning watercolor class is how to lay down a flat and a graded wash. This is actually a tricky thing to do in watercolor, particularly on the cheaper watercolor papers. In this lesson we revisited the subject. The biggest challenge in preparing for laying in a flat wash over a large area is to get enough color mixed up before you start. We used paper cups to mix up at least a couple tablespoons of rich color. Dampening the paper first helps, as does keeping the paper at an angle so it dries from top to bottom. Here are two examples of skies done with a rich flat wash. Both Barbara and Leslie contrasted the flat sky with a loose, textured treatment of waves.

Next we practiced laying in a graded wash working from dark to light and at the same time from warm to cool hues. Graded washes give the painting a sense of depth. In these two examples Brian and Nancy create a sense of deep space using graded washes and bring the foreground even close with accents.


Elflling said...

Dear Floy, I really love your paintings and wanted to attend you coming workshop in July (I have a day job so it is difficult for me to attend the regular weekly class). Sadly, the workshop was full when I tried to sign up. I understand there is limited time in a workshop and if more students are in the class, each student would have to deal with less attention from the teacher. However, I was wondering whether I could pay for part of the workshop tuition and just come to the demonstration each morning during the workshop, since the class can definitely allow more people to sit and watch the demonstration -- there is enough space in the room. If not, I was wondering whether you have any workshop planned in the future that I can sign up for. Thanks again and have a great day!

Floy said...

Hi Elflling - Thanks for your interest - I know of a couple people who have had to back out of the workshop and hope by now you have a place. If not, I do plan to offer more in the future. Unfortunately we cannot handle people coming in for part of the day at this one. Best wishes - Floy

Elflling said...

Dear Floy, Thank you very much for your reply. I understand the situation and if there is no openings, I will wait for your next workshop. Please add me to your email list if possible, and let me know if you have any future workshops scheduled. Thanks again and have a great day!