Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lesson 47 - Linking Value Shapes

One way to organize material for a strong composition is to think in terms of light or dark shapes
that are linked to each other and carry the eye through the painting. For this exercise we began with a magazine photo of an interior scene. We cut this up into random pieces and rearranged the segments so that dark shapes touched dark shapes and light touched light. We added smaller pieces to complete the linkage of lights and darks. Finally we worked on a painting of the design we had created.
Here is Bev's collage. Notice how the dark shapes are all connected.

And here is her painting.

Leslies's collage had interconnecting light areas.

Here is the beginning of Leslie's painting. I like the variations of the grid pattern.

Emily had some strong colors to work with in her collage.

Here is Emily's painting.

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