Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lesson 57 Children's Book Illustration

Each session I schedule in one lesson dealing with figures. I usually try and talk people out of working with someone they know but for this lesson we dealt with the problem head on by thinking of the studies as whimsical book illustrations. We began by working of 2 minute sketches in pen or pencil from photos of children playing and a second series of 2 minute sketches in wash. Then we developed one of these into a possible line and wash book illustration.

The idea for this project came from Nancy who is working on a book for her granddaughter. This is the title page she worked out in the class.

Lynn took her studies, lined them up and added Peter Rabbit.

Adelheid began with a family photo and turned it into a charming illustration.

Nancy began with photos she had taken of kids playing in the fountain. The fairy was developed from another of the children.

Cheryl began with a photo of a similar set up but simplified it into a charming composition.

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