Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lesson 58 - Designing with color shapes

This lesson was inspired by silk scarves. Sometimes it is easier to think of pleasing color schemes when visualizing something to wear or use in home decorating. The challenge here was to design a scarf or fabric with a tropical fish motif. We first reviewed some color theory and then worked out a design leaving a white edge around shapes. This allowed us to color in shapes without waiting for paint to dry and the white lines also served to unify the work. Here are four of the exercises.

Lois built a design around yellow orange and yellow green with blue violet accents.

Kazuyo began with an orange background, used analogous colors for the sea weed shapes, and used the complement for the fish.

Jan began with a bright blue and contrasted this with a range of yellows to orange to red.

Emily started with a bright yellow green. She used a variety of analogous colors for most of the shapes except for the red/orange accent fish.

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