Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lesson 60 Candy Compositions

For this lesson we brought in Valentine's Day candy to set up arrangements using six different compositional formats. Everyone did six small studies and some went on to complete a larger painting based on one of the sketches. Here are examples of the six formats.

Lynn arranged her candy to connect with all four edges for a cruciform layout.

Linda worked with a horizontal bar idea. I like the formal arrangement of hearts with the loose painting style.

This is Carol's small study of a 'division of space' composition.

Below is Nancy's small study of a circular arrangement. Each candy leads to the next. (This one and the last, Carol's, are rotated 90 degrees. Blogspot would not let me load them in the correct orientation)

Rita included her hand in a vignetted design.

Finally, this is Teresa's painting using an 's' curve composition.

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