Friday, May 14, 2010

Lesson 73 - Painting a Floral without using a Brush

One of my mentors, Jean Sorensen, used to brag that she never used a brush in creating her paintings. She painted wonderful studies of trees and woodlands using stamping techniques and drawing with twigs and a palette knives. So for this lesson I decided to try using these techniques on a floral motif. The challenge was for everyone to experiment with new ways of creating texture patterns and to see if they could create something that looked like flowers without using a brush. We came up with lots of wonderful paintings. Here are a few.

Jean used a credit card and sponge to paint this arrangement.

Kay painted most of her piece with the edge of a cardboard strip. This was done on brown paper using white paint with the watercolors.

Anna cut out a potato in concentric circles and used it to stamp a pattern suggesting roses.

Bev made stamps from a wide variety of objects, including shoe soles and used these to create a vibrant design.

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