Monday, April 28, 2008

Lession 11 - Color Mixing - Orange

The primary colors, red, blue and yellow, in theory can be used to mix every other color in the spectrum and artists should only need three tubes of paint. In practice this doesn't always work with the pigments artists have available, particularly when trying to mix bright, intense hues. Many artist's will use two yellows, two reds and two blues to be better able to mix bright colors. In this lesson we experimented mixing using various yellows, reds, and blues to see which gave the brightest secondary colors (orange, green and violet).

The next part of the challenge was to pick one yellow, one red and one blue and to reproduce the colors of a small still life set up of oranges matching the colors as closely as possible using only these three tubes of paint.

Judy's three primary choices are in the lower right.

Jake set her bright cut orange amid more muted fruit.

Marj was able to include some greens and violets in the shadows.

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