Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lesson10 - Arches in Perspective

From time to time we have to review a bit of perspective theory. In this lesson we are concerned about drawing a convincing repeated shape which is receding from the viewer. I took a diagram from "The Big Book of Watercolor" by Jose Parramon which has a clear explanation of the principles involved.

The basic idea is to site along two receding horizontal lines until they meet at the vanishing point. Next divide the wedge in half lengthwise. You have to estimate the width of the first segment but the rest is easy. Simply draw a diagonal from the lower left of each segment through the midpoint of the opposite side. This line will hit the top at the right hand edge of the next segment.
Arches, like any repeating shape, make a wonderful design too. Here are paintings several artists came up with in an hour and a half.

Alice completely made up this painting after sketching in the arches.

Emily has two rows of arches receding to a central vanishing point.

Nancy incorporated shadows as part of the design.

Another Nancy created strong interest in the right side to keep the angled lines from taking the viewer out of the painting too quickly

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