Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lesson 54 Color and Value

For this lesson we were using watercolor paints full strength from the tubes - applying them much as an oil painter would. We wanted to determine the value of the various undiluted pigments. We began with a value scale marked off in white plus 10 increments of greys ending in black. Next we assigned tube colors a value by comparing a color swatch with our scale. Finally we took a black and white photo, imagined in as a 'paint by number' arrangement of value shapes and painted each shape in with the color that best approximated its value.

Here is Liz's color chart and a small landscape.

Norma's mountains and yellow sky worked particularly well.

Elaine also ended up with a yellow sky and various greens and oranges in her landscape.

Carrie was able to make sense out of a complicated beach scene .

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