Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lesson 55 Furry Animals

How does one paint fur? In this lesson we experimented with different ways of dragging and stamping to create fur texture, working wet in wet to make a blurry, fuzzy edge and creating a jagged edge to a shape to read as fur. Next we worked on a portrait of a furry animal using these various approaches.

Barbara used dry brush stokes to create a fur texture and negative painted an irregular edge on the right, sunlit side of the dog to say 'fur'.

Dan began working very wet letting the paint form blurry edges. Later he sharpened up the left edge and added line work on the right in the tail.

Nancy worked with flat patches of color letting the jagged edges say 'fur'.

Rochelle used the red to paint a sharp furry edge around her cat and used gray to create some jagged edges in the neck fur.

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