Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lesson 40 Compositional Formats

The object of this lesson was to take one park or garden scene and to arrange the components into a variety of compositional formats. We began with pencil sketches making a scene into a cruciform, radial or s-curve design. Later we experimented with high or low horizons, cantilever or circular arrangements.

Jesslyn experimented with a high horizon in a vertical format. She pushed her subject matter to the top and let the bottom portion of the painting be a simple large shape.

Catalina also pushed her interesting shapes into the upper area and created a zig-zag path through the lower portion.

Bev chose a radial format with fields and fences leading to the house. Later she added the red roof to the second building which acts as a secondary interest area and balances the design.

Susanne used foliage edges to create a circular pathway framing an area of interest.

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