Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lesson 41 Self Portraits

Every so often we review the placement of features on a face. The easiest situation to deal with is a face in straight front view. After determining the general size of the skull on the page, the oval is divided into quarters with the horizontal mid-line representing the eye line. An eye width is roughly one quarter of the eye line and there is approximately an eye width between the eyes. Once the eyes are located other features are placed using eyes as reference. We went through the guidelines for placing features step by step checking these against our own faces using a mirror.

Here I am checking my face with Dan working in the background. Everyone complains about having to draw themselves but we came up with some great paintings in the short class session. Here are examples by Emily, Selma, Nancy and Kazuyo.

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elainefrenett said...

Just checking in on what you're doing Floy. Nice portraits & great to see your new class advertised. Where is it at?