Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lesson 42 Still Life on Reflective Surfaces

This lesson was inspired by paintings of Charles LeClair, particularly ones he included in his book "Color in Contemporary Painting". LeClair used plexiglass and other reflective surfaces to create variations of an image and to bounce color around a composition. In class we set up small still life arrangements on plexiglass or shiny plastic sheets and also experimented with propping up these reflective surfaces vertically behind the still life.

Sheauli set up her objects on a sheet of blue plexi on a brown table. Her reflections show the fruit's color tinged with blue.

Rita's yellow flowers are reflected on the shiny plastic sheet below and also on the glass vase behind.

Emily used the blue plexiglass and reflections to create a striking arrangement of predominately horizontal and vertical shapes.

Brian used clear plexiglass and plastic both under and behind his setup to create a pleasing play of blue and orange shapes.

Carrie added shiny metal to the challenge. She has reflections on the tray and bowl as well as under and behind these objects.

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